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Keeping Our Nation Secure

Leveraging digital technology and innovation to keep the nation safe
Accelerating digital transformation across law enforcement agencies is needed now more than ever as threats to the nation require faster and more effective responses and collaboration. Increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks by nation-state adversaries on government networks and critical infrastructure via supply chain vulnerabilities requires a deeper assessment of our nation’s cyber defenses and cyber resiliency. At the same time, public safety agencies need a digital infrastructure that ties together data analytic tools, artificial intelligence, geospatial capabilities, and other emerging technologies to analyze data and detect patterns across time and location, predict new threats, and dramatically improve responders’ situational awareness during major events.
In this 13th annual LEAPS Technology Forum, AFCEA Bethesda provides an interactive environment in which government and industry stakeholders share ideas and experiences on how law enforcement and public safety agencies can leverage digital technology to sustain rapid innovation and be better positioned to protect the nation and all of its communities. Featuring keynote addresses, executive panels and interactive roundtable discussions, the LEAPS Technology Forum will look at how federal, state and local agencies are working with industry to implement effective solutions with an emphasis on: 
  • Data Analytics - Artificial intelligence, geospatial technology and other tools for actionable intelligence and improved collaboration
  • Cybersecurity - Supply chain security, protection, detection, and resilience
  • Modernization of Training - Virtual and augmented reality/simulations, migration to the cloud